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A venture is a  new business enterprise, project or activity, difficult because something is risked in the hope of profit. In other words, it normally refers to new businesses/startups/small companies recently formed to engage in a commercial activity. It involves risk and the potential  expectation that a financial gain will result. Therefore, when a person or a group of people think of a new idea and decide to open a new business with the intention of selling products/services for a gain, we’re talking about forming a new business venture. Generally, these are individuals who like to dream big, have excellent communication skills, are highly passionate and excellent problem solvers.

In general, like startups, a business venture is born out of a need for something lacking in the current market. Consequently, must follow a business plan in order to outline and organize its purpose and mission for the future.  This can be a service or product which consumers are looking for and fills a need or a particular purpose. Once founders identify the need, the venture looks for resources to start. Smart investor or small business person that has the finances and time to develop and market this idea to the world, can help with that. For that reason, business venture will most likely get initial finance from an investor. Eventually, as the business generates revenues and becomes profitable, other investors will fund further development and increase awareness of the venture and increase profits.

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