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How to get VC funding

Introduction The idea stage of a startup makes getting VC funding and engagement harder. However, there are a few ways it can be done. Usually,

Pitch Deck Review for Startups

Introduction As defined in our glossary, a pitch deck  is a brief presentation that explains your company to an audience, normally investors. It’s the first

Free workshops for Startups

Introduction A workshop is a brief intensive educational program for a group of people, that focuses especially on techniques and skills in a particular field.

How to Hire Offshore Developers?

Introduction Software development has massively grown  over the last few years, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In fact, according to Seedscientific,

Jeeves’ Corporate Card Review

Introduction Are you looking for new ways to innovate financially and keep your employees happy? A corporate credit card is a type of card issued

Founder to Entrepreneur

Introduction At EC we know that the journey of founder to entrepreneur is always filled with challenges. Whether you are an entrepreneur, or a founder,

How NFTs Can Boost Small Startups?

Introduction One thing about entrepreneurs, that we know at EC, is how much they must innovate nowadays. They always should explore and create new ways

How to Raise Funds in 2022?

Introduction The pandemic has changed how we interact, how we engage with technology, and how we will support other enterprises. In 2021, we saw many

Top 9 Reasons Why Startups Fail

Introduction Down through the years, some startups really struck gold, like EC. This makes people put entrepreneurship on a pedestal. As a result, many at

How to value your start-up?

Introduction Valuation of start-ups is not a cakewalk, especially for those at the very early stage of business. In case of public companies, the easy

Tips on Fundraising for start-ups

Introduction Fundraising can be a very time-consuming task that requires significant engagement with investors, creating perfect pitch decks and attending networking events. This article will

App Radar Promo and Discount Code

Looking for a  6 Month Free App Radar discount? App Radar are offering one to Entrepreneurs Collective member start-ups to help them optimise their paid and unpaid


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