Top SEIS Investment Funds in the UK: 2024

SEIS Investment Funds

Are you a founder looking for SEIS Investment Funds? As a founder it can be a difficult process, requiring you to research to find which funds could be the right fit for you. For startups finding an active SEIS fund specific to you can be taxing and time-intensive.

Here are the top and most active SEIS Investment funds for early stage companies looking for investment: 

Fuel Ventures

Fuel Ventures is a venture capital fund making early stage investments in Marketplaces, Software and Platform companies. For startups, Fuel Ventures has a focus on fast-growing companies with great founders. Its current portfolio consists of 2030 early stage startups including: Moteeefe a leading social commerce platform and Shift a B2C on-demand logistics platform for movers.

Oxford Technology

Oxford Technology is a flagship three year combined SEIS and EIS fund for early stage companies. As a SEIS and EIS investment fund it typically invests up to £150k of seed funding into SEIS companies. Oxford Technology’s typical investment portfolio is comprised of companies that “incorporate genuinely novel science or technology”. As well as startups they say “disrupt existing sectors or even create whole new ones”. 

Examples in Oxford Technology’s Portfolio include: Lightpoint Medical a startup “developing technologies which can detect cancer in real”. Entia a startup developing virtual oncology solutions for healthcare professionals. As well as Expend, a platform which automates spend and expenses management for both SMEs and larger companies.

TrueSight Ventures

TrueSight Ventures is a venture capital firm that is investing in pre-seed and seed stage startups across Europe. For startups, TrueSight Ventures’s SEIS Investment Fund primarily has a a focus on the Nordics and UK markets. It is a fund that sights a focus on founders solving problems with technology.

SFC Capital

SFC Capital is a valuable partner for innovative British start-ups seeking early-stage investment. With over 400 successful investments since 2012, SFC is the most active investment firm in the UK. They offer a range of investment options, including the leading SEIS fund, EIS fund, and angel network, providing entrepreneurs with the flexibility to choose the right investment vehicle for their needs. 

One of the most significant advantages of partnering with SFC is their commitment to accompany entrepreneurs from their first SEIS funding round through to a successful exit. This level of involvement ensures that the firm has a vested interest in the success of each start-up and iswilling to offer ongoing support and guidance as needed.

Overall, SFC’s track record of successful investments, investment options, and long-term commitment to entrepreneurs make them the ideal partner for any innovative British start-up seeking early-stage investment.


Mercia Asset Management

Mercia Asset Management is an early stage technology fund that recognises EIS and SEIS as a highly attractive investment vehicle for professional investors. Its

In early 2012 it was the first hybrid Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) fund to come onto the market.

Syvman Capital

Symvan Capital is an award-winning venture capital fund with a focus on tech startups. Its Syvman Technology runs a SEIS Investment Fund, SEIS Fund 3 which dedicated to investments across software with a focus on B2B enterprise customers.

Jenson Funding Partners

Jenson Funding Partners invest in a range of SEIS eligible startups, with a focus on tech-enabled businesses across all sectors. It is one of the One of the longest running SEIS Funds, established in 2012. With over 10 seis exits and great track record investing in high growth potential early stage businesses. Jenson Funding Partners’ Investment Portfolio contains notable startups: The Seam, Let’s COOE, caterpillar and Cocoon.

SEIS Investment Fund Experts: Alator Capital

One of the unique features of Alator Capital is their expertise in partnering with companies that operate in the intersection of technology and key verticals like AI, Fintech, Proptech (and Contech) and Consumer and Commerce. Their team of seasoned investors and operators can help companies navigate the complex regulatory environment and accelerate their growth through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Alator Capital’s investment philosophy is centred around building long-term partnerships with management teams and providing them with the resources and expertise they need to achieve their goals. This approach has resulted in a track record of successful investments, including several high-profile exits.

Overall, Alator Capital’s focus on technology and healthcare, combined with their long-term partnership approach, makes them a valuable partner for any technology-enabled company seeking growth equity investment. I highly recommend them to any company looking to take their business to the next level.

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