SEIS Investment: How to find SEIS Investment for your startup?

Finding SEIS Investment for your startup can be a long and intensive process for founders at the seed-stage. Angels are the primary source of quick capital for seed stage businesses and startups across the UK. But they can also be hard to find, connect and secure investment. However, for seed-stage angel investors and SEIS Specific Funds are increasingly willing to take risk on promising startups.

For founders looking for SEIS Investment, the generous incentives offered through tax relief of the SEIS scheme means the rewards for investors are more appealing. As a startup it is important to take advantage of this opportunity for investment. 

If you are a startup looking for SEIS Investment, there are a variety of opportunities for you to find investment.

Here are three ways to find SEIS Investment for your startup.

1. Reaching out to Angels and Investors For SEIS Investment

Naturally, the first step for a founder at seed stage is reaching out to find angels and make connections. It is important to note that for seed-stage the quickest source of capital can often be angels. Angels are regularly looking for opportunities to invest in and diversify their portfolio. Whilst angels search for early stage SEIS qualifying companies themselves, reaching out and finding angels can be difficult. How does a founder find angels looking to invest?  A good start could be reaching out to angels on LinkedIn, Twitter. Angels usually receive messages and emails reaching out for investment. Don’t be afraid to try out your hand at beginning the conversation.

2. Finding SEIS Specific Funds

 For founders there are also investors who frequently invest under SEIS and EIS specific VC funds. For founders, it is important to note there are SEIS funds investing in companies with different focuses.  Some funds look for pre-seed and seed stage startups in specific sectors such as deep-tech, fin-tech. There are also funds available for promising startups without specific focuses and broader requirements.

Here are a few:

Octopus Ventures 

SFC Capital 


Mercia Asset Management 

Fuel Ventures

Symvan Partners 

Jenson Funding Partners  

3. Checkout information: Online Databases to Find SEIS Investment

There are several ways to find SEIS Investment, but a great step towards targeting and finding the right funds or angels is researching investment opportunities. A effective research tool online for founder is through angel databases and directories. For both founders looking for investment and angels looking to invest there are resources available to help throughout the process. For founders looking for information there are directories of Angels and SEIS funds available. They are a great way to save time to help navigate your search finding capital. 

4. Join a network or Community to find Angels

As a founder looking for Investment can be difficult, finding angles with an interest in your company can be time-intensive. Whilst there are many angels willing to take the plunge on seed stage businesses most are not readily advertising. Entrepreneurs Collective regularly holds Networking events with Angles in attendance as-well as our Pitch Competitions with Angels and Investors.

By joining a network or community you can gain access to angels looking directly for seed-stage businesses. This can help you can help cut down that intensive search time. Attending specific networking events can also help you find the right investor for your seed-stage. Networking events with angels offer the opportunity to talk directly with angels looking for enthusiastic founders with great vision.