How to start a tech startup?

Want to learn how to start a tech startup this new year. Here are 4 things to keep in mind on how to start the journey to becoming a successful founder.

Attending startup Events

As a first time founder or tech startup, it is important to get involved in networking. Wether it is finding like-minded founders in your city or reaching out to new peers, make it an important part of your learning to attend startup events. 

As a new tech startup, joining the startup community is a great way to learn from the best founders. Attending startup networking events can help you learn and grow. By meeting and talking with successful startups and starting founders expand your network of industry peers. Events for tech startups can help you learn fast. Meet and talk with others about others mistakes and resolutions. See what other startups are working towards and how they have overcome challenges they face as tech founders by attending a startup networking event. You can figure out how they navigated these challenges, socialise and create industry connections. Entrepreneurs Collective hosts a great range of events across the tech space. From early stage startups to female founder focused events and startup networking events. Learn and gain insight from their expertise by meeting in person.

Startup Mindset

As a startup founder it is important to stay open-minded in a competitive environment like the startup scene. Know your skillsets, strengths and weaknesses and leverage them to set goals and take action.

Wether it is receiving critique and advice from mentors or startup friends you meet, open up yourself and to new ideas outside of your comfort zone. To grow your startup founder mindset find industry peers an and founder friends that challenge you. 

Perhaps one of the most aspects of creating a successful mindset is growing your confidence. It is important to sharpen up your personal skills and confidence as a tech startup founder. The day to day of meeting new tech founders, clients, investors or industry experts can be daunting. Make sure to know your strengths and believe in the success of your idea.

Have a firm understanding of your startup is half the job. Be able to talk with others about their startups ventures. Sharing your ideas can help you grow your mindset and meet new peers. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Wether it is attending networking events, workshops, pitch competitions or finding your co-founder. Be unafraid. 

Find a Startup Mentor for your Tech Startup

As a first-time entrepreneur trying to start a tech startup, it can be hard and overwhelming. Wearing so many hats as a founder, it is easy to feel lost, confused and overworked. If this is the case, as it is for many new to the startup scene find someone to help toy navigate the startup world. Finding a startup mentor can help alleviate those pain points and stress of not understanding the process and journey.  Above all a great startup mentor can provide an entire new perspective to your business objectives and prospects.  In addition startup mentors can give you access to  new spaces as well as provide invaluable advice, industry connections and expertise in your industry. A startup mentor can be key to invaluable insight and support that can help you avoid fatal mistakes. Find your voice and confidence as a founder from an experienced one.

Aditya Bodke Principal | Master of Finance from University of Cambridge | Investor

Bio: Former founder with a 7 million exit, deployed 27 million of funds as a VC and serial Angel investor.