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SEMRUSH Discount for Startups! Get a unique 25% discount coupon promotion on Pro Membership for Entrepreneurs Collective’s start-ups to help SEO optimise your websites and jump up the search engine rankings!

To put it simply, SEMrush is a platform that enables you to optimise your website for search engines. It’s currently one of the most popular SEO tools available for use, and one that we here at the Entrepreneurs Collective couldn’t live without. Whether you need ideas for new content, need to find the best sites to get backlinks from or want to understand why you’re encountering issues on your website, SEMrush allows you to do this, on an easy to use interface. As it’s such a great tool, we’ve partnered with them to offer EC members an exclusive SEMrush discount code. Read on to find out more about SEMrush and the exclusive discount code provided by EC…

At the start of any SEO project, you’ll start with basic domain analysis, enabling you to get an overview of the quality of any domain from an SEO POV. So, you can perform domain analysis on both your website and your competitors, to benchmark where you are and how you can improve and outrank others. Domain analysis on SEMrush is very easy. Firstly, type in any domain into its “Domain Overview” section, and you’ll get an easy to understand rundown of everything about that domain, including:

  • Authority Score
  • Number of visitors per month
  • Number of Backlinks
  • Ranking Keywords
  • Main competitors

SEMrush gives you a great insight into how a website is performing. Knowing all of this information can help you come up with a well defined SEO project plan, as you understand where you need to make improvements. 

Keyword research is essential for any SEO project. Firstly, It’s all about finding out how many people search for a particular keyword (keyword volume), how hard it is to rank for that keyword (keyword difficulty), finding out which of your competitors are ranking for that keyword, and finding alternatives that offer the same volume and less difficulty. I know, bit of a mouthful, thankfully, SEMrush makes it much easier than the sentence you just read. All you have to do is enter a keyword into its keyword overview and you’ll immediately see the keyword volume, keyword difficulty and the websites ranking for it. 

Finding alternative keywords is easy too. Just head to SEMrush’s “Keyword Magic” section, type in your keyword and then the magic happens. SEMrush will give you a list of alternatives, related to your original word, with its difficulty, volume and cost per click. Overall, keyword research is made a lot easier by SEMrush. And, will help you lay the perfect foundations for a fruitful SEO project.

Much of the time, a good SEO project is defined by its backlinks. Backlinks are links on external sites that link to another website (your website for example). SEMrush has a whole section of its platform dedicated to backlink analysis. This allows you to see all the backlinks associated with any domain. This is great for competitors’ backlink research. You can see what backlinks you could emulate, to help rank with and above your competitors. 

SEMrush also allows you to perform a backlink audit. Backlink auditing, allows you to establish whether any of your backlinks are “toxic” and in fact, having a negative impact on your site health and authority. This in turn, will be reducing your search engine ranking. After identifying toxic backlinks SEMRush will compile a list, which you can then upload to Google. This “disavow file” will tell Google to ignore these links. This will have a beneficial impact on your search rankings, so it’s a necessary step.

One of the most useful tools on SEMrush is its site audit functionality. SEMrush will look out for potential issues that may be impacting your search ranking. This includes, slow loading content, duplicate content, orphaned pages, crawl errors, missing headers, lack or too many keywords. SEMrush will give you a list of issues to address. You can even export these to Trello by the click of a button on SEMrush (something that we’ve personally found to be extremely useful)

One of the best tools within the site audit section of SEMrush is its SEO checker. SEMrush will scan your website and give you SEO action points to improve each page. It tells you what you should do and also explains why you should do it. It’s a great tool to make improvements and learn, turning you into an SEO master. There aren’t many other platforms that offer such a strong and useful site audit tool. 

So now you know all about the great features SEMrush is known for, I know you’re chomping at the bit to try it. Well luckily for you, Angel Members at EC get a SEMrush discount code! Our partnership with SEMrush gives you a 25% discount on Pro Membership. Not only that, you also get a free training session and a dedicated technical support officer from SEMrush, in case you encounter any issues. 

Not a member yet but want the SEMrush discount? Get in touch today, and apply to become a member. There are an abundance of other perks, discounts & credits available to members of the Entrepreneurs Collective, and we’re always listening to our community and sourcing more, to make their entrepreneurial journey as smooth as possible.

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