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Program Structure

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The Entrepreneurs Collective is a community designed to take top start-ups and ambitious founders and accelerate their growth. To ensure we deliver the most impact to our members and maintain the quality of our community all applications are reviewed and vetted by our experienced committee of exited founders, serial entrepreneurs, angel investors and ex-VCs.

While we are sector agnostic we are looking for start-ups that are disruptive. The technology you are using must be delivering a unique solution to a problem, not just another “me too” tech play in an already crowded space.

Minimum Requirements to Apply

We work with start-ups at almost any stage of their journey but there are certain minimum requirements you will need to have reached before considering applying.

1. MVP/Minimum Viable Product

You need to have an MVP to demonstrate to the membership committee. Unfortunately we can not take on founders at the idea stage or who only have a deck.

2. Early Stage Funding

You must have achieved some external funding, even if only a “Friends and Family” round. Even if you have extensive self funding capabilities demonstrating your ability to raise third party funding is an important factor

3. Revenue Generation/Traction:

Ideally you will be able to show that you have a product capable of generating revenue, however if your strategy is to remain pre revenue intentionally you should be able to demonstrate solid growth and positive coverage to show you are achieving product market fit. 

angel investment

Next Steps:

1. book a call

If you have achieved the above criteria and wish to be considered for membership, you will need to book an initial call with one of our community managers.

2. A Video interview

They will conduct at 30–40 min video interview you to determine your initial suitability for The Entrepreneurs Collective. If they believe you would be a suitable candidate they will put you forward to the membership committee for final approval.

3. You will be assigned a program director

If your application is successful you will be assigned a program director who will welcome you to the community and manage your growth journey over the following 12 months.

4. Become 'investor ready'

Depending on your stage they will guide you through the appropriate services from The Entrepreneurs Collective, strengthen your proposition through our mentor network, take you through our “investor ready” process, arrange for you to pitch and deliver investor connections.

What Does EC Accelerate Consist Of?

EC accelerate has one goal: to put the start-ups in the best position they can to grow as a company.

During each 12 week program, we train the companies, work with them and surround them with the best mentors and partners to give them the best chance they can to succeed.

We also provide funding and fundraising opportunities through our sister organisation Alator capital, as well as workshops and access to resources.  We support startups with access to over £1m of discounts and credits and also make sure they partner with best service providers to reduce the chance of failure. 

EC Accelerate

Learning & Development

During the first week, the 12 companies in each program will get to meet each other as well as spend time with the staff of EC.  We will look to connect you and assign you mentors from the EC network, who will be capable of adding value and supporting you.

We will host a meet and greet session so you can get to connect with your co-hort, and then we will begin the following workshops and sessions, with 2 sessions each week

What you'll learn over the 12 week program:

Fundraising Strategy & Demo Day

Once the course has finished we will finish with a Demo day, where we will aim to bring together 100+ investors and VC’s., 

Founders work with their mentors, managing directors, and program managers to refine their pitch, develop and design their pitch deck for Demo Day, and prepare investor collateral. 

Storytelling isn’t just about fundraising: it’s also about communicating your vision to customers and future team members.

In-Program Activities

What kind of activities can you expect from EC accelerate outside of the workshops? While each program is different, here are a few that pretty much everyone gets:




Most frequent questions and answers

EC accelerate is set to become the largest incubator in the UK, offering an intense 12-week programme to  startups. The programme includes  masterclasses, mentorship. Additionally, it offers up to 1 million in credits, discounts and savings. EC accelerate takes 5% equity in the business in exchange for its support.


EC accelerate is sector agnostic in the startups it choses. It is more focused on the founders’ skills and expertise. The programme is designed for founders who wear multiple hats and can start a successful business.


EC accelerate offers an intense 12-week programme that includes masterclasses, mentorship from industry experts, up to £1 million in credits. The programme takes 5% equity in the business in exchange for its support.


EC accelerate requires a strong commitment from the founders, who are expected to attend the programme’s three-day sessions every week. The founders are required to attend the full programme to respect the cohort, trainers, and mentors. EC accelerate also kicks off the programme with a more relaxed welcome day on a Saturday, which includes getting-to-know-you exercises.


EC accelerate provides access to over 100 industry expert mentors, including c-level executives from leading tech companies and successful business founders. The founders can select five mentors to work with during the programme and follow up continuously with those who are best placed to help them expand their network and make connections they need going forward.


No, the founders do not have to pay for anything. EC accelerate provides cash, credits, and access to perks and special offers up to 1 million pounds to the founders. In exchange, the programme takes 5% equity in the business.


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