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Ecopreneurs are entrepreneurs whose business efforts are not only driven by profit, but also by a concern for the environment. Therefore, these individuals  focus on creating and selling environmentally-friendly products and services. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t be mistaken by  Socialpreneurs, which businesses not only focus one environmental issues, but also, social and cultural ones.  Being an ecopreneur includes the same struggles and highs that normal entrepreneurs experience but with the added incentive of making the world a more sustainable place. They capitalize on the environmental problems that our world faces nowadays. The most common are:

  • Ocean pollution
  • Food waste
  • Single-use plastic
  • Deforestation
  • Ecosystem destruction
  • Endangered species

Also, these startups often use the “triple bottom line” method, which consists of:

  • Social bottom line – How does the business give back to the community, and help those around it in need?
  • Environmental bottom line – How we reduce the impact on the environment, and how can we improve it to care for our world?
  • Financial bottom line – How profitable is the company, and how we can use these profits and re-invested sustainably?

Being an ecopreneur brings many benefits. First and more importantly, the fact that you are helping the world to be better and delay climate change. Also, you will show your commitment and your personal values through your business. In addition, it will show how mindful you are, creating better brand reputation and lowering cost in, for example, energy usage. 

Join EC and discover the ways our members take care of our environment through their businesses.

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