London startups

Meet the best London startups

If someone tells you that London startups are where all the action is, they’re probably right. Not just across Europe but globally, London stands out as the place many startups call home. If you’re trying to find your own space in the London startups scene, then let us help you do it right.

Look inwards first!

What are you looking for when you work on becoming a London startup? Are you looking to raise funds? Are you looking to find the right employees? Are you looking for collaborators? Are you looking for better ideas to finetune your own offerings? The London startups scene is very enticing and has a way of pulling one in. But there are costs involved that will make you realise the true meaning of the words “blood, sweat, and tears”. Instead of creating a single road map, maybe creating multiple action plans that allow you to zigzag from start to finish rather than zooming through in a straight line. A strong and stable foundation ensures the survival of startups. Once you are confident in these questions it’s time to get out there!

Find the right events for London startups

London has a tonne of events happening all the time. Finding the right kind of networking opportunity can sometimes be make or break for a startup. If you’re thinking of making London your startup’s home, then make sure you’re hitting the right events. You can find some more info on startup events here, but also keep an eye out for stuff on websites like Eventbrite and F6S. Some good old-fashioned social media sleuthing can also point you in the right direction. You can end up finding everyone from collaborators to team members to possible investors at these events.

Is an accelerator right for you?

The right accelerator will essentially put you together with people who can fill in the gaps in your knowledge and help you really up your game when it comes to the product or service that you’re working on. Choosing an appropriate accelerator could be key if you want to become a part of the London startup family, simply because the wrong mentor can also help your idea fail faster. Don’t get dazzled by someone’s persona and instead really look at the core values they are bringing to the table. Look for someone who can commit to giving you the right amount of time, agrees to provide consistent mentorship and support, and, most importantly, has the technical knowhow needed for your business.

Is London right for your start-up?

London can be a brilliant and beautiful dream, or it can turn into a complete nightmare. Is there a real reason for you to be called “one of the London startups” or not? Being close to the market you operate in is generally a good idea, so if you’re heading to London or thinking of setting up shop as you live there, first ensure that it’s a step you need to take. If not, the world is your oyster. Several founders who work with us sing the praises of the United States because investors are more willing to take a chance on ideas that a typical Brit would dismiss. There are also products that don’t need to be launched from London and would work from just about anywhere. There are startup communities all over the world that are thriving; make sure you find one that helps you flourish.