Entrepreneur Network London

Join an Entrepreneur Network In London

If you are looking to join a London entrepreneur network then The Entrepreneurs Collective might just be the right community for you. With regular in person meetups, pitch competitions and entrepreneur networking events in London as well as online webinars, workshops and interviews The Entrepreneurs Collective has a host of opportunities to meet and socialise with other founders and investors.

Probably the most popular events for start-up founders in our London Entrepreneurs Networking series are our monthly pitch competitions. Normally held at the prestigious Home Grown members club (part of Home House) they regularly attract up to 150 entrepreneurs and investors attending to network in person and an audience of over 100 who tune in to watch the live stream online. These events give maximum exposure to the ~6 companies pitching on the night who face a panel of judges/investors as well as questions from the audience, but also include a more informal session afterwards for entrepreneurs to network with other entrepreneurs and investors.

By popular demand we have also introduced monthly socials which are a pure network event. No speakers, no agenda, just a relaxed atmosphere and complementary drinks to see what else is going on in the startup world. It’s a great way to find vertical or horizontal collaborations, get recommendations, ask for advice, maybe find a new team member or share some wisdom and experience of your own. These socials take place in a variety of central London locations which are easily accessible by tube and public transport.

For specific niches we also have invitation only lunches which bring together some of our most active investors and some of our most successful entrepreneurs to network. These are exclusive events in high demand and the guest list is not just vetted but carefully curated. As you can imagine you might only get one shot in front of these investors and we want you to be ready for it!

Our online workshops and webinars are your opportunity to meet experts in their fields on topics that entrepreneurs commonly need help with. Whether it’s legal, accounting, finance, marketing, PR or recruitment our network of trusted advisors will give you the advice you need to maximise your chances of growth and success.

At The Entrepreneurs Collective we take care to keep the quality of our events and the people who attend them high, even if we do say so ourselves. This means that service providers for example are carefully filtered out, there is nothing worse than attending an event with Entrepreneurs to network and help each other only to face people who are only there to sell to you. As a way to maintain the quality of attendees and ensure that people are there to take the networking seriously we do normally charge for admission. This means that we don’t get people who are there just for the free food or drink. However if you are serious about what our entrepreneur network might offer than please book a call with our team and if you can demonstrate you would be a good addition to our network and are seriously considering joining then they can add you to the guest list at their discretion.  (Up to a maximum of two events per year.)

There are also many other benefits to joining our London Entrepreneur Network. Our experienced team of professional fundraisers can offer a deck review or even deck design service. We have a comprehensive range of startup discounts from partners like AWS, Azure, Hubspot, Stripe, Twilio, Apollo etc. We have a network of trusted partners for legal and accounting services, marketing, UX/UI, recruitment, R&D Tax credits, grant writing and many more. We can also create a detailed and up to date investor report for you with all the most active investors in your sector at your ticket size if you are looking to fund raise right now. However even with all these great benefits the thing The Entrepreneurs collective is most know for is definitely our networking events so if your serious about your startup speak to us today about attending!