6 Benefits of Community for Entrepreneurs


Being a CEO can be quite lonely at times, with the ups and downs of start-up life. It can also be very tough and harsh some days. All the responsibility falls on your shoulders and if something goes wrong, who do you talk to? The investors might not be the best people to go to, you don’t always want to discuss with the investors is especially if you are looking for further investment, and your family, well, sometimes that can be even trickier. Which is why I believe that surrounding yourself and networking with other start-up Founders is the best thing that you can do, to have you accountable, motivated and have someone there who understands your journey. Here we have compiled 6 Benefits of Community for Entreprenuers.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” –Henry Ford

1. Be Around Your Peers

If you want to fly with the eagles, then learning to fly from the best is the way to do nit. Other CEOs are in the same situation as you. Joining networking events or even better a community is a way to go these days. You don’t have to do it all on your own, starting a business is already difficult. So stop making it even more difficult. Connecting with others and being able to share struggles and them giving you advice might just save you and your business. Having a community around you to support and be accountable is something essential.

2. Get Yourself New Perspectives 

With so much information these days that seems that 24h a day is not enough to keep track, what better place than a networking event to find out about trends, new software and ideas. Being surrounded by the same people that are trying to win in your field allows you to exchange ideas. Being able to learn at a fast rate and implement is fundamental these days to win, gathering new angles and strategies from others can skyrocket your business.

3. Learning from each other’s Mistakes

This one is a big one, making mistakes are inevitable. And, many say that the best way to learn is through making mistakes. But if you can learn from someone that has already made that mistake. And, subsequently avoid them yourself then that is even better. If that person has walked the path you can learn from him. Mentors who are also fellow Founders or Ex-Founders are the best way to achieve this accelerated learning curve. Success leaves clues and so does failure.

4. Learn from the best and be Inspired 

In these events and communities, when everyone gets together there is normally a speech from a successful entrepreneur. He has already walked the walk and listening to his insights and struggles can give you great motivation and insights. I have listened to some of the best speakers in the world live and the motivation and the way they make you feel and leave the room can’t be compared. 

5. Making connections

Getting to know other entrepreneurs, creating a wolf pack is one of the biggest benefits of joining a community for entrepreneurs. Firstly, imagine being able to share your thoughts and knowing that some people have your back, that’s powerful. Secondly, having a family, having people that care for you is always a win in life. Thirdly, we are the result of the 5 people we spend the most time with if you want to succeed those people is going to have to be people that share your goals, ambitions and work ethic. Lastly, the best way is to surround yourself with great entrepreneurs. Who knows you may meet a business partner or future investor?

6. Your Support Network 

Why didn’t I start here? Entrepreneurship can be lonely at sometimes. That’s why you must be around others than breath and life your air every single day. Create an accountability group or join one to be there for you when harsh times come, because they will.

Think this way, nothing is good or bad, when you fail you are one step closer to success. Sometimes from the biggest failures people have built the biggest success. But in this situation, you are at the lowest thinking that you might be not worth it or you can’t make. You need your support group to be there for you. Don’t let yourself be discouraged for the little things and get a support mechanism that will add to your journey. 

” Your dreams are bigger than some embarrassment on the way” –Michael Tobin.


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