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A hackathon is a contest, primarily focused on competitive programming, for solving a certain problem. In other words these are events which bring people together from different businesses, to brainstorm and solve a challenge or create a new product, service or case study. Therefore, its goal is to allow experts to work together and make new projects in a competitive environment. They are perfect to step outside of your regular set of tasks, seek more diversity and bring new solutions and ideas. These help to drive innovations and kickstarter careers, thanks to the power of competition and a limited timeframe.

This term is a combination of “hack” and “marathon.” So, essentially it’s a marathon for hackers. The majority of hackathons revolve around computer programming and IT, but other industries may use it too.  It brings many benefits to the businesses. For example, it’s a source of innovation that promotes an out-of-the-box approach to workflow. In addition, tech experts are free from typical development constraints. Moreover it improves employees’ workflow and retention and can be used for recruitment purposes. It gives you the chance to meet new tech talents, recruit programmers, graphic designers, etc. 

Hackathons come in many shapes and sizes. The most common types are:

  • Internal: Organized by the company for its employees. Great for team-building and employee engagement.
  • External: For both internal and external experts. Great for networking. 
  • Coding: Involves coding experts getting together.
  • Online/offline/hybrid: This refers to the format, whether the hackathon is done virtually, live in a venue, or a mix of both. 

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