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Mumpreneur is a woman who has started, and runs, her own business, in addition to caring for her children. 

This term was introduced around 1994. According to Investopedia, mompreneurs are a relatively new trend in entrepreneurship. It has come to increased prominence in the internet age, allowing entrepreneurs to sell products out of their homes. This helped founders in not rely on brick-and-mortar business.

Mumpreneur is a term that has caused many debates on whether it should be used or not. Some women see it as a powerful statement. I mean, it helps bring more context to a person. It gives you a snapshot of their life, their background and what drives them. Also, they see no wrong in sharing with the rest of the world that they also “work” as mothers. Which is a full-time and unpaid job, and requires a lot of juggling. Therefore, it’s a powerful motivator, promotes self-employment and some see it as a great marketing strategy.

On the other hand, lots of women don’t like this word because they see it as a very patriarchal term. They see entrepreneur as a gender-free term and believe that the word mumtrepreneur is useless. Equality in the workplace has been a long and arduous process. The majority of female business founders had experienced some form of gender discrimination. As a result, they feel like adding these types of tags/labels doesn’t help.

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