Founder Focus with David Dunne, Co-Founder of Hexis Performance

Our community here at the Entrepreneurs Collective is made up of some of the most exciting startup founders in the UK. With that in mind, our new fortnightly Founder Focus blog series aims to share the brilliant stories of our founders, highlighting what drives them, where they get their inspiration from and just how they wind down from work – if that’s even a thing! We hope, by sharing the stories, it can inspire others and really emphasize what the Entrepreneurs Collective is rooted in – Founders helping Founders. 

To kick off the series, we sat down with David Dunne, CEO & Co-Founder of Hexis Performance. Hexis is the ideal training companion app, built to help anyone gain access to high-level coaching and nutritionist advice. Read on to find out more about the inspiration behind Hexis, his life as a founder and why it has been so important to have a network of entrepreneurs around him on his entrepreneurial journey.  

What inspired you to start Hexis?

Working in elite sport for the last 10+ years with some of the best athletes in the world helped me realise what I am most passionate about, helping people realise their potential. Our team is on a mission to unlock human potential. Whether it’s an Olympic gold or park run personal best, it doesn’t matter. We believe every individual has untapped physical potential. And, that this undiscovered capacity can be unleashed when you better understand how to fuel your body. That’s why we build technology that translates complex science into personalised nutrition practices. So you know what your body needs to realise your true potential. 

What problem are you solving with Hexis?

In the information age, anyone can use advanced tech tools to exercise smarter. But up until now, nutrition hasn’t been part of that progress. Instead, gym-goers and amateurs search a bottomless pit of information – forever separating facts from fads. And, science from soundbites – to inform their nutrition regime. It’s a media-fuelled frenzy of misinformation and people need someone to trust. Hexis provides you access to the latest advancements in performance science, enabling everyone to fuel smarter. 


What’s been the most challenging aspect of becoming a founder? 

Honestly, I love being a founder and get so much energy from what myself. And, the Hexis team are doing so find it hard to find one thing to highlight. Any challenging experiences we have had as a team to date have proved to be incredibly valuable learning experiences. That we took forward with us on our journey.  

What’s been the most rewarding aspect of becoming a founder?

The conversations and discussions within our team. I’m very fortunate to work on a daily basis with individuals that are truly world-class in their fields of expertise. Those conversations, whereby sometimes they can be challenging, have helped me develop so much as a person and entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Network

How important has it been for you to have a network of entrepreneurs around you? 

Firstly, it’s brilliant to be able to share, challenge and observe with a network of people that are experiencing. Or have experienced what you are going through. Secondly, there is great support and respect amongst the community which is highly valued.

Lastly, who or what has been the biggest inspiration for you becoming an entrepreneur? 

Real-world observations. Working on the front line of elite sport for 10+ years has enabled me. To get a unique insight into the nutrition industry that many are not fortunate enough to experience. 

Hexis Performance

Where do you see yourself and the company in the next 5 years? 

I see Hexis helping over 1 million elite and amateur athletes fuel smarter.

How do you balance your work and life, or have they become totally intertwined? 

I love sport and still compete regularly. This definitely helps me recharge.

When you’re not working, how do you like to switch off? 

Mostly playing sport or cooking. Trying new recipes or getting out for a tough workout allows me to reset nicely.

Thanks to David for taking the time to chat with us. 2021 is looking like an exciting year for Hexis so if you’re a keen athlete looking to improve your nutrition, a hobbyist wanting to hit your park run personal best or you just want to stay up to date with everything they do, check them out here

PS. If you’re a member and want to be a part of our Founder Focus series, get in touch today.

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